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Sunshine inspires...

Imagine yourself on this beautiful country road right now, peddling to your little heart's content. This is just one of endless choices we have when the Sun comes out in the beautiful Northwest. As you near the end of your ride to return home for some rest and refreshment, what does that look like for you?

I see a partially shaded patio furnished with simple chairs, loungers or perhaps a cozy outdoor sectional awaiting to nourish my tired body and refresh my soul. Adorn this with pots of sprouting tomatoes, butterleaf lettuce and sweet flowers to invite and delight our local birds and other flying friends! I complete this oasis with a pitcher of iced herb tea, a blanket and a good book.

As Mr. Sunshine begins to stick around a bit more frequently now, this is exactly what I am going to create for my outdoor space. What do you want to create? I would love to visit your outside spaces and help you create an outdoor oasis you will LOVE coming home to! My many resources for your indoor and outdoor living rooms await your vision.

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